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April Fool 2022 Funny Jokes

April Fool 2022 Funny Jokes: April Fools is celebrated all over the world on 1st of April every year. Especially in European countries, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. On this day people joke, prank and pull each other.

April Fool is also celebrated in Asian countries but the tradition of celebrating it started from Europe. People play light pranks, pranks and fooling games with their mates and friends on this day. On this day, you can wish friends and close ones through these messages.

Best April Fool 2022 Funny Jokes

April Fools' Day 2018: Why is April Fool's Day celebrated; Origin, History  and Significance | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express


  • If you take all the fools away, then you won’t know who is a wise person. Happy Fool’s day.
  • April 1st is a perfect day to propose and not February 14th. That’s because you either get accepted or you can brush off as a joke.
  • Wise men learn from other’s mistakes and foolish men learn from their mistakes. But we have a day to celebrate our foolishness. Happy fool’s day 2022.
  • A wise man built his house upon a rock, a foolish man built his house upon a sand. And the rain came tumbling down. Happy fool’s day 2022.

April Fool 2022 Funny Jokes for Friends and Relatives

  • Best friendship comes when a cool person like me and a fool person like you come together. Happy April fool’s day.
  • If you fool me once, then shame on you If I get fooled more than once, then shame on me.
  • A popular study revealed that fools use their thumb to scroll on their mobile. Don’t try to change. The results are already out.
  • All the men who felt ignored on women’s day, don’t get disappointed. Your day is coming soon, April 1st.

Advance April Fool 2022 Messages and Pranks

  • There is one heart which will beat for you forever, it’s yours.
  • You are a friend worth a million dollars. I have auctioned you.
  • You don’t have to wait till April 1st to be called a fool. You are already a fool.
  • My boss cracked a joke and everyone laughed except me. I am in my notice period.

Fun April Fool Pranks Messages for Family

  • All great people’s birthdays are remembered. I remember yours too. April 1st. The biggest fool’s birthday.
  • I swear by anything that I will not make you a fool on April 1st. This is because I don’t have to prove anything.
  • There are a lot of languages spoken. Laugh does not require any translation. Enjoy your April fool’s day.
  • Today is the day when no one takes anyone seriously. Happy April fool’s day 2022.

April Fools 2022 Jokes for School

  • Trees have to log-in if they wish to go online.
  • How are April flowers able to kiss? They use their Tu-lips.
  • What did April Fools Day say when it finally won an award? You just got pranked.
  • Name the favorite holiday of the gas pump. It’s April Fuels Day.
  • What is that one thing that goes up when the April rains come down? It is an umbrella.

Short April Fool Day 2022 Messages for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

  • You are so important, I can’t live without you. I mean oxygen.
  • There is someone who is feeling lonely, feeling bored dying for your company – guess who, Monkey in the zoo.
  • There is a saying that you are very intelligent, handsome and awesome. I love rumours.

(April Fool 2022 Funny Jokes)

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