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Boxing Day 2021 Messages to Colleagues

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Boxing Day 2021 Messages to Colleagues: Boxing day is widely regarded as one of the biggest Christian holidays in many countries around the world. Celebrated just after the day of Christmas boxing day is also known as the second Christmas day of the year.

It’s a day when employers around the world send Christmas gifts for their employees wrapped in beautiful boxes as a symbol of their love and appreciation for them. You may also have your own ways to celebrate a boxing day, but whatever you do, without wishing a happy boxing day to your friends, family and loved ones everything will seem incomplete.

Boxing Day 2021 Messages to Colleagues

Boxing Day Messages 2021 to Colleagues

  • Lovely Colleague I wish you a happy boxing day and send gifts for you and your family. I hope the Lord blesses you all with love and prosperity today and for always.
  • Sweet Colleague I wish you a happy boxing day through this best text and wish you much love. I pray to the Almighty for your happiness and may He shower all good blessings upon you.
  • Dear Colleague let the Almighty make your dreams come true on this beautiful day and I wish you a happy Boxing Day celebration with your friends and family. I also send gifts for you all.
  • Boxing Day reminds us to keep our work aside and enjoy happy times with the people we love…. Wishing warm Boxing Day to you.

Boxing Day 2021 Messages to Colleagues

  • Boxing Day is the time to take off from work and get into merriment and enjoyment to create memories…. Best wishes to you on this day.
  • Dear Colleague wishing you a happy and fun filled Boxing Day. I hope you are celebrating with your family and loved ones and I wish all of them a happy and funny celebration filled with love.
  • Dearest Colleague through this text I wish you my love and a wonderful Boxing Day celebration. I would pray to the Lord to make your dreams and aspirations come true for a better tomorrow.

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